Zoe spent her childhood in the city of Lincoln, a rural part of England with open skies, green spaces and over 1100 years of architectural history. Lincoln School of Art and design, a traditional art school, is where she studied painting, ceramics, photography and art history. 

Norwich, Norfolk is where Zoe completed a BA (Hons) degree in Visual Arts. She has worked as a Marketing Coordinator for a large organization in both a Managing and an Artworking capacity and also worked in several Design Agencies in the UK.  Clients include Budweiser, McDonalds, Sony and GE.


Zoe currently works from a sun-filled space in Somerville, MA her work is in collections in the USA, Europe and Japan. 


"Zoe's work feels a little dangerous and unknowable (like a night time ocean), but also kinetic and joyful."


In Zoe's words...

The physical process of creating something new inspires me. My work involves visual manipulation, whether that is creating depth that isn’t there, or mind-bending shifts in perspective. The themes I work with are those of human existence, infiniteness, magic, creation and destruction. That can be capturing an illusion of a moment in time (a memoristic view), attempting to capture something we cannot immediately see (oceanic depths or the cosmos) or creating cellular structures of unknown worlds, landscapes or beings.